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The Magical Adventures of Claytron "Ice Cold" 2020

Eat a bag of dicks.

Claytron verson 2.0
17 April 1984
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"Remember, you can't beam through a force field. So, don't try it."
-William Shatner

"There are certain things men must do to remain men."
-Captain James T. Kirk


"Just remember this meaning: I will always love you like a milkshake."
-wesley willis

Here are my communities:

urbanhiking The pentacle of human perfection and de-evolution. We trek the new trails and frontiers of modern society.

trashcollectors : this club is basically about collecting other peoples trash or just taking pictures of other peoples trash.

sphideandgoseak : A hide and go seek fan club.

cult_of_josh : A cult that worshipsutopiavista. He is our god.

break_yo_hip : Ohio & New York Street gang that fucks up children and the elderly.... kill the seaguls.

agressive_sloth : Crime is the only option in our modern world!!!! Indulge yourself in the wonderful world of organized crime!!

eating_wendys : wendys food is good.

the_victory : VICTORY! the community.

steve_myers : The Society For Appreciation of Steve Myers

lightsaberduel : A gathering ground for jedi and sith lords who want to prove their skill in the ancient art of lightsaber dueling.

9 shocks terror, a clockwork orange, a-ha, aborted, adam and the ants, alec empire, alice in chains, anal cunt, angel of death, antmusic, aphex twin, atari teenage riot, aus rotten, b b king, bal sagoth, bananas in pajamas, bauhaus, beasty boys, bill murray, black flag, blatz, blind melon, blitz, blondie, bloodhound gang, bomb 20, cannibal corpse, carcinogenic angel, carl crack, cattle decapitation, caustic christ, chasing amy, christoph de babalon, circle jerks, circle of dead children, clerks, coathanger abortion, crass, danzig, david bowie, dead kennedys, dead milkmen, dean martin, devo, digital hardcore recordings, dj 6666, dogma, drazzi, dropkick murphys, dying fetus, ec8or, eddie izzard, elvis, fantomas, filth, flock of seaguls, flogging molly, frank sinatra, gary coleman orchestra, gg allin, green jelly, green river, group x, gwar, hostage of society, idol billys, iron butterfly, jennifer, jerry lee lewis, johnny cash, joy division, kick a cunts, kmfdm, kompressor, leather strip, ljmaps_slickidiot, lolita storm, lord hellmutt, lords of acid, los straitjackets, louis armstrong, love and rockets, mall rats, man or astroman, mdfmk, mel brooks, men without hats, michael jackson, ministry, miracle legion, misfits, missouri loves company, modest mouse, morning musume, mortician, mudhoney, nic endo, nine inch nails, nirvana, not police, oxymoron, patric c, pearl jam, pig, pigface, polaris, pulp fiction, radish, rage against the machine, rash, resevior dogs, revolting cocks, robert palmer, samhain, schwein, screeching weasels, six feet under, skip james, slick idiot, sonic subjunkies, sonic youth, soundgarden, stabbing westward, stanley kubrick, subversion, talking heads, team rocket, temple of the dog, tesla, the beatles, the beltones, the casualties, the cramps, the doors, the forgotten, the human league, the melvins, the queers, the unseen, the who, thomas dolby, thrill kill cult, toxic narcotic, troma, two man advantage, vnv nation, walter carlos, walter ego, wasp, wesley willis